Shortly after the inception of Culture of Peace Hamilton Ray Cunnington had the idea that we should find a way to fund peace work.  He pointed out that war is funded and peace work is seen as volunteer work and he wanted to find a way to wage peace.  He created peace dollars, The History of Peace Dollars, which have been used to fund projects and raise awareness about the Manifesto 2000 since 2004.

Our two large scale projects have been the Safe Haven Project and the Social Geography Project. The Safe Haven Project was a response to the 911 attack, the subsequent attack on the Hind Semaj in Hamilton and to attacks on people of colour in our city.

The Social Geography Project, inspired by Dr. David Adams as the basis for a City Peace Commission was developed through the Culture of Peace Hamilton, a sub-committee of UNAC Hamilton Branch.

Peace is in Your Hands
In 2010 to celebrate the decade of peace Janet Hillen Commissioned musician Rachel Darry to  compose a song (words and music ) that would speak to (sing to) the six principles of the UN Manifesto 2000.  We are thrilled with Rachel’s song – see its premiere here.  Peace is in Your Hands by Rachel Derry

Our most recent projects have been to support the distribution of two locally produced books: Towards Less Adversarial Cultures authored by one of our board of directors, Ray Cunnington and Waging Peace, produced by the Gandhi Peace Festival for its 25th Anniversary.

Our Culture of Peace Fund
2014 – United Nations Culture of Peace Hamilton Fund
Please check out how you can donate to the Hamilton Community Foundation United Nations Culture of Peace Fund to keep our work vibrant.

Dick Preston received the 2012 World Citizen Award
Brian Reid received the Environmentalist of the Year Award June 2014
Ray Cunnington received the 2015 YMCA Peace Medal